Not very long ago I looked at my SAT book, and let out an anxious sigh. The SAT was probably my worst enemy, but also the big golden door to studying in the USA. At the time going to NYU was my dream, but unfortunately I began procrastinating on this dreaded SAT exam. Lucky for me Canada did not require SATs – don’t get me wrong, but some students applying to Canadian universities do need to send in SAT scores (Make sure you check that with your university).

I strongly urge you guys to begin studying for the SATs well ahead of your test day, because believe me it will pay off – A few months of hard work will reward you with a golden ticket to your dream university. Do the SATs seem slightly attractive now ?

Lets make the SATs attractive ?

The writing section – The easiest section shall we call it ? This is the only section where you can be creative on the SAT, and being creative is exciting ! You can even write about your own experience if you like ! Isn’t that great ? What’s better is that there is no particular answer, and you can write anything that makes sense.

The reading section – How do we see this one ? “Oh no, I have to learn a list of 500 words, and that’s terrible”. Why don’t we look at it as, “Oh wow a list of 500 fancy vocabulary words ! If I learn these words, and begin using them in my every day speech, I could make myself look smarter than the others”. You could even impress your professors by using them in your writing !

The math section – Are you a math wiz ? Maybe not. But hey! the math section is purely logic, and all you have to do is learn the math rules. This is a pretty scoring section on the SAT. Don’t fear the numbers, just love them.

DON’T – procrastinate on the SATs

DO – begin studying for them over this summer

P.S. Since I’m new to blogging, I’d love to hear your feedback over my writing. I’m open to any sort of constructive criticism.