Little did I know that my high school sweetheart would break my heart during senior year. As time draws near, and we soon realize that every one of us must part our own ways, a heart-break is some what inevitable.

Being heartbroken during my senior year hardly made it easy for me to focus on what was most important at the time – studying. I recall spending hours crying, and grieving over what I thought was such a huge loss. Not surprisingly my grades began to drop slightly – it wasn’t until mid terms drew near that I realized I had to stop grieving over a heartbreak. So, I woke up one morning and decided that I had been crying a river for far too long, and now was the time to build a bridge and get over it. Believe it or not, but it wasn’t long before I found myself working hard, and maintaining my straight A’s.

Seniors, I know a having your heart broken is hard, but please don’t let it rule your senior year! Senior year is when you’re meant to work hard, and play hard. Make senior year a memorable one, but don’t forget to maintain your GPA.

7 ways to get over a senior year heartbreak :

  1. Look on the bright side, college is approaching – You have your whole life ahead to meet lots of other amazing people.
  2. Go out with your respective group of girls or guys – Girls night/Boys night is the best remedy, I assure you!
  3. Get your head in your books – Sometimes studying is the easiest way to divert your mind, and the most productive method.
  4. Draw up a senior year bucket list – With so much to do before you leave for college, you’ll be too busy to worry about a heartbreak.
  5. Read – Rather than binge watching all seasons of friends, I’ve always found reading books an easier way to divert my mind.
  6. Spend time with the fam – You’ll be going to college soon, and I guarantee you’ll miss your family; spend as much time as you can with them.
  7. Learn something new – Not having a significant other gives you a little extra time; perhaps you can use the time to learn a new instrument, or a new sport ?

DON’T – Let a heartbreak ruin senior year for you.

DO – Work hard, play hard


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