Hey guys !

I decided to keep my blog anonymous, because I think it really gives me the freedom to be open and truthful about what I write. However, I did list a few facts about me below –

Fun facts about me !

  • I am very particular about the kinds of foods I eat, and I always prefer a healthy option
  • I love listening to John Mayer’s music
  • I always try and look for a brighter side to the worst situations
  • I really enjoy helping out – one of the reasons why I love getting involved with voluntary work
  • I am a huge fitness enthusiast
  • I enjoy cooking, and adding in my own bit of flavoring or uniqueness to the food
  • Reading is something I could never get sick of
  • Writing is sort of my weakness, and so I started this blog – essentially to improve my writing

Throughout the summer I will post tips, and write about my experience with college applications (hopefully you guys can learn from it). However, this fall I will be going to university, and starting then it would be more appropriate for me to begin speaking about my college experience.

I like to think I’m good at giving advice, so if you guys have any personal questions, feel free to shoot me an email on vivrelavie_@hotmail.com